Three tips for staying focused

by | Feb 11, 2020 | Blog

Efficiency has always been important to me. I think a lot of people say they’re “busy” but they’re just filling their time with mindless tasks and never actually accomplishing anything. I wanted to share three tips I have for staying focused on the tasks at hand.

Three tips for staying focused:

Eliminate distractions

    • This is a big one – in the world of smartphones and instant gratification it’s hard to find distraction-free moments. That’s why you have to take extra steps to ensure you can stay focused by eliminating distractions. There is a feature on the iPhone that I love – it’s called Downtime and you can turn it on for certain times of the day. It turns off all your apps except for any you turn on during Downtime. You can also use the Do Not Disturb feature to allow for distraction-free work time.

Set small goals

    • I live on to-do lists and if they get too big it becomes overwhelming. This is where small goals come in handy. I always try to start with a small task to get the ball rolling. Once you get a few small things out of the way it becomes easier to tackle the bigger items.

Have a clean workspace

    • When my desk and work area are cluttered it really affects my ability to focus in a negative way. Clearing your space goes a long way in efficiency and productivity. You don’t have to search for items if it’s clean and organized to begin with. You won’t have opportunity to get distracted by the need to organize or other tasks that might be in your way if it’s already clean. Having a clean space is KEY in my opinion.

Don’t just be busy; be productive. Implement these tips for a couple weeks and let me know if they help you to focus and work more efficiently!